So I know I mentioned in my last post that I am now ready to talk about my husbands problem. However, after thinking it over a couple of days I have decided to hold off on that for now. The timing doesn’t seem quite right – there is a slight hold-up in the divorce process. Here’s to hoping I will be free from all this soon!

Another reason I am debating revealing what his problem was, is that I wonder if my talking about it would be equal to stooping to his (rather low) level. I am well aware of the crap and lies that him and his parents have spread about me. Have heard enough things from various sources to know they tried to make me look bad to whoever would listen. That is why on the one hand I want the world to know why whatever has occurred, happened. On the other, I don’t want to seem like I sunk to their level with the mud-slinging. Even though any thing that comes out of my mouth will be absolute truth. In any event, that post will ave to wait till my divorce gets finalised!

In the mean time I am happy to report that I am back with my family and friends – more on that later..


When it hits you that you are not over him.

The last 2 days have been extremely emotional for me. I saw my husband – actually ex (I really must get used to thinking of him as my ex and not husband anymore) on Monday. It was a brief meeting. We had to exchange stuff and therefore had to see each other. He had to return the dowry my parents gave me, because he demanded the jewellery that he had given me (including all gifts) back from me. I didn’t want the gifts I gave him back. But this isn’t about the exchange itself.

Seeing your husband after over 6 months, knowing that you will never see him again, is an indescribable experience. It hits you like a ton of bricks. In the worst possible kind of way that a ton of bricks can hit you. It is such an unreal experience. There he was. Standing in front of me. Someone who 6 months ago was closer to me than anyone could be. And who now stood a mere 10 feet away and could not feel more distant.

In the six months that we had been separated, in the six months that he had made my life more miserable than I would have thought possible, I had managed to convince myself that I was over him. I had managed to convince myself that the love that I had felt for him very strongly at one point in time was gone. It wasn’t that I had convinced myself that I hated him. No, just that I felt nothing towards him. I was indifferent. The second I saw him, the realisation hit me that this was not so.

Love, unfortunately, is not a switch that you can just turn off. It doesn’t work that way. Not even when the man you love had a family that wanted to give Shaitaan a run for his money. Not even when you know that the man you love had a huge problem that just could not be ignored. No, getting over someone takes a long time. And six months simply were not enough.

What made seeing OH even worse was probably that I now know that I will never see him again. This was it. Our last meeting. Where we barely even spoke with each other. I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye properly. To my home. To my life with him. And now I won’t. Everything that was familiar to me is gone for good. There is something very heart wrenching about this thought. I wouldn’t ever want my enemy to feel this way. Movies and books are right – it almost does feel like someone reached in and pulled your heart right out.

I know I have not talked about the true reason behind my divorce yet. The reason why even though I never wanted a divorce because I loved my husband that much, I am the one pursuing the divorce now. But I feel that is a topic I must talk about now. And I will in my next post. Until then…..