So I know I mentioned in my last post that I am now ready to talk about my husbands problem. However, after thinking it over a couple of days I have decided to hold off on that for now. The timing doesn’t seem quite right – there is a slight hold-up in the divorce process. Here’s to hoping I will be free from all this soon!

Another reason I am debating revealing what his problem was, is that I wonder if my talking about it would be equal to stooping to his (rather low) level. I am well aware of the crap and lies that him and his parents have spread about me. Have heard enough things from various sources to know they tried to make me look bad to whoever would listen. That is why on the one hand I want the world to know why whatever has occurred, happened. On the other, I don’t want to seem like I sunk to their level with the mud-slinging. Even though any thing that comes out of my mouth will be absolute truth. In any event, that post will ave to wait till my divorce gets finalised!

In the mean time I am happy to report that I am back with my family and friends – more on that later..


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